I do not really understand how my financial products and strategies work.
Sometimes I understand how my financial products are performing, but I am not sure how they will fit into my overall plan.
I fully understand everything with regard to my wealth-building strategies.
I have little confidence in my financial plan.
I have some confidence in my financial approach in the short term. I am just not sure how it will turn out in the long term.
I am very confident in all aspects of my financial plan now & in the future. I'm all set.
Professional Creativity & Leadership
I am currently getting very little financial guidance and I am mostly on my own.
I work with a financial professional(s) and occasionally make changes to my strategies due to changes in tax laws or the economy.
I work with a professional who is extremely pro-active with all aspects of my financial plan. They are totally vested in the success of my whole family.
Protection Components
My family and I are not properly protected from life's uncertainties thru wills, life, disability, and liability insurances.
We have some protection bases covered with insurance, wills, etc. though I am not sure if we're fully covered or if everything is properly coordinated.
I feel confident my family & I have maximized our protection components & they are all properly coordinated.
Personal Savings Rate
I am not saving regularly. I don't have a good balance between spending and saving.
I am saving money for the future, but not consistently as I do not have a detailed plan.
I am regularly saving 15-20% of my gross income & am on track for all my short and long term financial goals.
Performance and Diversification
I am really not sure how to measure my investment performance or diversification.
Some of my investments seem to be doing well & I have some diversification. I'm just not sure if I am positioned properly.
I feel extremely confident about my investment performance & diversification over the long term.
Financial Freedom
I am very concerned I will run out of money and not have the lifestyle I want in retirement.
I am doing the right things now but not sure I'll be able to retire when I want and how I want.
I am confident I will have the financial resources to do whatever I want, whenever I want in retirement.

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